June 2, 1992
1621 4th St NW, Albuquerque
(David Nelson)

Keif: I just remember Craig standing up and talking and thinking, oh, Craig’s kind of a tall guy. You know what I mean? I don’t remember a whole lot of that, but of course (TRIBULATION 99) is a bad-ass film. Hopefully it’s in the Library of Congress already, not that it needs that validation necessarily. 

Bryan: I find it remarkable that 30 years ago, I stumbled upon a screening of Craig Baldwins. Arconic film tribulation 99 in an abandoned storefront Albuquerque. I find it even more remarkable that this quirky, rough and tumble nonprofit that hosted the screening is still in existence. Back in 91. What attracted me to the Baldwin screening was the handmade flier for the show that was haphazardly stapled to a telephone pole. The flier was cobbled together, utilizing a cut and paste scotch tape photocopy aesthetic that seemed to intentionally sidestep the pitfalls of professionalism. The flier was reminiscent of so many punk rock flyers that I had collected from the late 1970s.