Paul Barnes’s Weekly Update on What’s Happening

For this week (Friday, September 29 through Thursday, October 5), CCA will be screening one of the greatest music concert films ever made, a very entertaining feminist thriller, and a devastating documentary about the destruction of indigenous lands by energy corporations around the world !

The BIG SUIT is Back! Stop Making Sense has been restored for its 40th anniversary re-release by A24. The Talking Heads, in the cool hands of director Jonathan Demme, will continue “Burning Down the House” for another generation of filmgoers!
In Fair Play, the debut feature of Chloe Domont, a superb cast enacts a relationship’s implosion when the woman in the couple gets the highly prized promotion the man had expected.
We’re also showing Powerlands by Diné filmmaker Ivey Camile Manybeads Tso in a special screening sponsored by the environmental group 350 Santa Fe. Tso, who will attend the CCA screening, spent many years investigating corporate malfeasance in her Navajo homeland and has since traveled across the globe to document similar patterns affecting other indigenous lands.

We have a rich, varied set of films this week, and I can assure you that your reactions to these films will vary from pure joy to total disgust.

Ah, the many moods of cinema!

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