Paul Barnes’s Weekly Update on What’s Happening

This week at CCA, we’re opening three new films!

The first is a French film called The Origin of Evil by the director Sebastien Marnier. It’s a breezy, twisty comedy / thriller in the tradition of Knives Out that is headlined by Laure Calamy, the star of the popular French TV series Call My Agent!
The second film is the sensitive and honest Mutt that takes the viewer through 24 hours in the life of a recently transitioned trans man as he encounters a former boyfriend, his sister, and a fraught reunion with his father.
And the third film is a brand-new restoration of Typhoon Club, a classic 1985 Japanese film by Shinji Somai – a director who is revered in his own country but largely unknown in the United States. According to Ryusuke Hamaguchi (the director of Drive My Car), Somai deserves to be as well-known internationally as Akira Kurosawa!

–Paul Barnes, CCA Cinema General Manager

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