Abigail Smith & Emily Margarit Mason
Ritual Relationships of Liquidity

Opening Reception: Friday July 12th, 5-8p (refreshments provided)

Exhibition will remain on display during all normal business hours through mid-Oct 2024.

CCA Cinema Gallery ~ 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe NM 87505

A two-person photomontage exhibition presented on large-scale canvas and small-scale collage by emerging Santa Fe-based artists.  Commissioned essay on the exhibition by Delaney Hoffman.  Curated by Justin Rhody.

“There is something undeniably seductive about the shifting unity of water; an impossible puzzle of glinting light and mercurial distortion that tells us of another kind of sensorial experience, one where the self relates to relief through suspension and a surrendering of control. This willing relinquishment of the body is an act that must be considered before any dip in a river, jump into a lake or dive into a waiting swimming pool. The tension between the before and the after of immersion is an undeniable thread that binds ritual relationships of liquidity across culture and offers a lens through which to examine the work of Emily Mason and Abigail Smith.” -Delaney Hoffman, excerpt from essay

About the artists:

Abigail Smith is a collage artist, field recordist, experimental filmmaker, archivist and master librarian based in Santa Fe New Mexico. Smith is a co-founder of No Name Cinema and performs flute and percussion in various free-improv ensembles.

Emily Margarit Mason (she/her) is a queer artist whose photography reimagines the perceived natural world from something seen to something felt, exploring how the multifaceted nature of experience might manifest emotionally.