September 11, 1999 
Harwood Art Center
(Keif Henley)

Keif: This is one of my favorite fliers. I took that from something I used for a band album photo. These movies came to me through correspondence in the mail or a phone call.  I remember somebody coming up to me and saying, “Hey, what’s up with the title? You know, I’m a landlord.”  I said, well, it’s more of a metaphorical poetic kind of licensing where we don’t want to be owned and beholden to things. And so that was the spirit of it. Let’s show some movies that don’t necessarily play by conventional rules. 

I know you, Bryan, really got with that term ‘undependent’ as opposed to independent. But I feel like this was the beginning of that term being used a lot by us. I don’t know if it was causal conversation, but I feel like you and I were talking and somehow you had something to do with that 

Bryan: Well for me that one comes from my childhood, 7 Up versus Coca-Cola, 7 Up being the “uncola”