INTERLINEAR SYMBOLS & SIGNS: The Creative Processes of Godfrey Reggio is an exhibition of pre-production materials and concept boards, drawings, photographs, and related ephemera that contextualize and offer insight into the artist’s process of creation. The exhibition will be on display in the CCA Cinema Gallery (near the box office) from November 10 through November 16, in association with CCA’s retrospective of Godfrey Reggio’s film.

In the words of Godfrey Reggio:

“The language, the signs, the symbols of our day, no longer describe the world that we inhabit.  It is an effort to be at once linear and non-linear at exactly the same time, clear and ambiguous at exactly the same time, in the language that every creature on the planet understands – our first lingua franca: body language, facial expression, body gesture – is the language we speak.”

The grease boards of this exhibit offer a glimpse into the intricate creative processes of filmmaker Godfrey Reggio. Embracing the early hours, he navigates between tasks of description, organization, and spontaneous bursts of free association and juxtaposition.  These conceptual mappings, which are later transformed into the foundational elements of his films, have been a crucial step in all of his film work throughout the entirety of his forty-year career.  The boards displayed here are specifically from the creation of Reggio’s most recent film, Once Within a Time.

The exhibition was curated by No Name Cinema’s Justin Clifford Rhody and includes huge (5.5 ft x 3.5 ft) archival pigment prints, unique artist books, and personal items on loan from Reggio’s studio.

An additional component of the art show includes sealed, vintage VHS copies of Koyaanisqatsi and newsprint publications from the mid-70’s which will be available free-of-charge to visitors of the exhibition.

Admission: Free

Cinema Gallery Hours (just beyond the cinema box office)

Wednesday through Sunday – 10:30am to 10pm