From the beginning of human history, women have played a crucial part in food gathering, production, and preparation. These roles have evolved over time, but women remain prominent in today’s foodscape. Join the CCA for a brief series of online programming that explores different aspects of food and feminism in the present day. Watch our Instagram for a series of short videos from your community.

Food & Feminism Speaker Panel: with Gina Rae La Cerva (Feasting Wild) and Andi Murphy (Toasted Sister Podcast)
From preserving heirloom seeds and sharing indigenous knowledge to community education and managing the water resources in our acequia systems, these local ladies have important jobs, and messages to share.

Draw and Eat: Lunch workshop with Liz Brindley
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How often do you take a moment to slow down before you eat? What new discoveries might you make by doing so? In this 30 minute session, learn a variety of simple drawing exercises to connect with your food from a fresh perspective. Materials are simply a pen, paper, and your lunch for inspiration.

Feast with Your Eyes: Food Photography with Andi Murphy
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Learn the highlights of capturing your sustenance from behind the lens in this 30 minute workshop with mutlti-media journalist and podcaster, Andi Murphy.


Gina Rae La Cerva
Gina Rae La Cerva is an award-winning writer, geographer, and environmental anthropologist originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has researched tsunamis in Indonesia, crossed the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat, and traced the wild meat trade from the forests of the Congo Basin to the streets of Paris. Her first book, Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food, was recommended by The New York Times and named an Amazon Best Book of the Year for 2020. Her personal essays have appeared in Emergence MagazineTHE MagazineSage Magazine, and various compilations. Gina Rae holds degrees from Yale University, the University of Cambridge, and Vassar College.

Paula Garcia
For nearly two decades, Paula has served as Executive Director of the New Mexico Acequia Association. During her time of service, communities around the state have mobilized to protect agricultural water rights based on the principle that “El Agua es Vida, Water is Life” and acequias have been an important voice in state policy. In addition to empowering communities to defend their water rights, Garcia built partnerships to create youth and farmer training programs to ensure the continuation of agriculture and land-based traditions in New Mexico.

Andi Murphy
Andi Murphy (Navajo) is the creator, host and producer of the “Toasted Sister Podcast,” a show about Indigenous food. She’s a producer with the Native America Calling radio program, a one-hour national radio show about Indigenous issues and topics. She’s also a freelance food writer and photographer.

Liz Brindley
Liz Brindley is a Food Illustrator in Northern New Mexico. She spends her days illustrating, teaching online classes for creatives, and designing products to make your house feel like home. She creates food-oriented art to give people fresh perspectives of their plates and to start conversations about our agricultural systems. Liz’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States, and she is the recipient of a National Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award. You can learn more at