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Closer Looks: Love Streams

July 13, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

(USA, 1984) | July 13, 2023 | Selected by Justin Clifford Rhody

In LOVE STREAMS (1984) the electric filmmaking genius John Cassavetes and his brilliant wife and collaborator Gena Rowlands give luminous, fragile performances as two closely bound, emotionally wounded souls who reunite after years apart. Exhilarating and risky, mixing sober realism with surreal flourishes, Love Streams is a remarkable film that comes at the viewer in a torrent of beautiful, erratic feeling. This inquiry into the nature of love in all its forms was Cassavetes’s last truly personal work.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to present this masterwork by the great filmmaker John Cassavetes. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite films, and that attraction ranges from the acting to the story to the means of production… For those of us who are obsessed with love but live in a dimly lit world, Love Streams operates as a sort of lighthouse signal. When Gena Rowlands delivers the line “I’m almost not crazy now” we can feel the Earth shifting, opening up. A new space is made possible by the visionary work accomplished in this film and it’s a space devoid of crass commercial entertainment. Instead, it’s a flag-less expanse that allows one to exist, to think, and to love.”

—Justin Clifford Rhody

“Viewers raised on trained and tame movies may be uncomfortable in the world of Cassavetes; his films are built around lots of talk and the waving of arms and the invoking of the gods. In Love Streams, it works. 4/4 stars.”

–Roger Ebert

Listed as one of The Greatest Films of All Time on Sight & Sound‘s 2022 Critic’s Poll

100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Opening presentation by Justin Clifford Rhody.

Closer Looks is an in-depth cinema series curated by the award-winning filmmaker and editor Paul Barnes, film critic and writer David N. Meyer, and founder/programmer of local microcinema No Name Cinema, Justin Clifford Rhody. The series showcases a broad range of eras, regions, and subjects, all unified by their integral contribution to the history of cinema as an art form. Each film screening is followed by an in-depth overview and audience conversation by the presenters to contextualize and explore the importance of the evening’s film.

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