Closer Looks poster for Vertigo

Thursday, April 13 at 6pm
$15 | CCA Cinema

Paul Barnes presents the fourth installment in the Closer Looks series: Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Vertigo (1958).

Considered by many to be director Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest achievement, it was also his own personal favorite. James Stewart is brilliant as Scottie Ferguson, an acrophobic detective hired to shadow a friend’s oddly behaving wife, Madelaine. Scotty falls deeply in love with her, played by the stunning and mysterious Kim Novak. During his investigation/courtship, Madelaine accidentally dies; Scotty has a nervous breakdown; and while recovering, he happens upon a woman he swears is Madelaine and—you’ll have to come see the film to find out what happens. Made in spectacular widescreen color, VERTIGO is gorgeous to look at, highly entertaining and with one of the greatest music scores by Bernard Herrmann that raises the emotional temperature of the film to fever pitch. Made in classic 1950’s Hollywood style, Hitchcock creates a hallucinatory puzzle of a thriller intertwined with the personal perverse poetry of obsessive love.

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes is a documentary Producer and Editor who has had a career that spans 43 years. He is best known for working with Ken Burns for 34 of those years on such documentary series as The Civil WarThe National Parks, and The  Roosevelts. In 2004, Barnes won an Emmy for producing Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. He also edited the groundbreaking documentary The Thin Blue Line for director Errol Morris and the award-winning classic about gospel music, Say Amen, Somebody. Barnes is a lifelong fan of all kinds of films and is fascinated with the history of cinema.