“A thought-provoking and graceful portrait of a tenacious peace warrior whose frankness is his greatest weapon.”

Boston Globe

Heather Rae’s film follows the extraordinary life of Native American poet and activist John Trudell, from his impoverished childhood in Omaha to his leadership in the occupation of Alcatraz and of the American Indian Movement (AIM), the mysterious and tragic death of his family and his reincarnation as an acclaimed musician and spoken word poet. Using decades-old 16 mm and Super 8 film and video footage as a backdrop, Rae paints an intimate portrait of a man whose spirit and words have awakened the Native consciousness.

About the speaker: Heather Rae is an American film producer, director, and actress. She has worked on more than two dozen documentary and narrative film projects and is best known as the producer for Frozen River (nominated for two Academy Awards, 2008), and as writer-director of Trudell (2005).

About the host: Chris Eyre is an American film director and producer who gained national attention in 1998 with the movie Smoke Signals, which featured an appearance of John Trudell. People Magazine called him “the preeminent Native American filmmaker of his time.”