“Ultimately, the memoir is a celebration of life and what it truly means to choose healing. It’s not easy to come back from the darkness, and Williams shares every wild adventure with readers on her journey to the light.” —FantasticFungi.com

“…[A] safe trip facilitated by a guide who places herself between heaven and earth, between the fight for love and the fight itself; wholly engaged by both magic and the material plane.” —Kristin Hersh

Co-presented with Garcia Street Books, who will have copies of The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey available for purchase soon.

Bett Williams’ lyrical, unforgettable memoir, The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey (Dottir Press, 2020), takes us on her hypnotic, psilocybin-fueled journey toward understanding the world around her and, in turn, herself. Williams’ experiences take us across America from Standing Rock to Huautla de Jiménez, MX where the legendary curandera María Sabina spent her life. She chronicles and confronts both the complexities of interpersonal relationships, colonialism and exploitation as well as the richness of love, chaos and transcendence. What is the psychedelic experience? What can we learn from it?

Williams is joined by Chicago and Washington, D.C.-based Soma Phoenix, a psychedelic researcher and integration consultant who spent years in pharmaceutical litigation as a litigation support attorney. In this virtual webinar, Williams will read passages from The Wild Kindness between discussions with Phoenix and conclude with questions from the audience.


Bett Williams is the author of the memoir The Wrestling Party and the novel Girl Walking Backwards (St. Martin’s Press), which was named as one of the Ten Best Young Adult Queer Novels by Vogue.  She and her partner, Beth Hill, produce No Cures, Only Alchemy, a podcast about psychedelics and culture. In 2018, they received a Kindle Project Maker’s Muse Award. She has written for several publications including DoubleBlindOUT MagazineFlauntLucid News and Lenny Letter. Bett lives in New Mexico, where she supports writers, artists, and others through hosting private retreats, residencies, and events in keeping with the spirit of mycelium. 

Soma Phoenix is a psychedelic researcher and integration consultant who works with individuals seeking healing from trauma and spiritual transformation. As an attorney, Soma advocates for drug policy reform and supports the idea of cognitive liberty, or freedom to explore consciousness on our own terms. Soma provides private integration support services and is the founder of Psillygirls.com, a site devoted to community building, spiritual support, and discourse around psychedelic experiences and insights.