Wednesday, September 7 at 7pm | CCA Cinema

CCA favorites, The Invincible Czars, bring new life (and fresh blood) to the world’s first feature-length silent Vampire movie Nosferatu (1922 FW Murnau) with a combined movie / live soundtrack experience that transports audiences back 100 years via an age-old tale accompanied by a chilling, tastefully-modern score featuring an impressive blend of traditional acoustic and present-day electric instruments.

The live accompaniment experience marries the old-world charm of silent film with a contemporary electricity engaging multi-generational audiences. “With this centennial tour, we wanted to take a fresh look at this enduring piece of cinema,” said Josh Robins, Invincible Czars founder and bandleader. “Live accompaniment is as old as the silent film medium, but then and today, it’s usually a lone pianist or local band improvising or adapting pre-existing material. We felt audiences deserved a proper 100th birthday celebration with something grand and original!  We spent a year creating this soundtrack and now we’re excited to perform it live.” The band also hopes their show will increase awareness about independent cinemas and adventurous movie theaters that are becoming increasingly rare in the post-Covid era.