April Wright and Jacqueline Frank discuss the invisible heroes of motion pictures: female stuntwomen. Using Wright’s brand new documentary STUNTWOMEN: THE UNTOLD HOLLYWOOD STORY as a starting point, this conversation, which also includes the New Mexico stuntwomen Jessie Springer and Caitlin Ehn, explores the ways in which a group of talented and underappreciated women have empowered women throughout the industry for decades. The program will include a streaming link to view the film prior to the discussion. Questions from the audience are welcomed.

About STUNTWOMEN: THE UNTOLD HOLLYWOOD STORY: April Wright’s inspiring history reveals some of cinema’s most unsung professionals, their struggles on screen to perform at the highest level, and their fight off-screen to be treated fairly and equally. The movie takes us behind-the-scenes and introduces us to the female stunt performers who drive the action and thrills of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies from the silent age of cinema to present day. Narrated by Michelle Rodriguez (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS).


April Wright is the director of numerous films including the award-winning GOING ATTRACTIONS: THE DEFINITIVE STORY OF THE MOVIE PALACE. She has been a programmer for the Sundance Film Festival for more than 15 years.

Jessie Springer is a New Mexico-based stuntwoman whose credits include the films EL CAMINO, SICARIO, and the series Longmire, and she’s served as a stunt double for Margot Robbie and Katee Sackoff, among many others.

Caitlin Ehn followed a competitive background in action sports—coupled with a fascination and years of experience with pyrotechnics, explosives, and technical rigging—with a transition to professional stunts. “I hit the ground unintentionally on an almost daily basis,” she said. “It’s nice to do it on purpose sometimes! Above all, I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of filmmaking, both behind and in front of the camera.”

Jacqueline Frank (moderator) is a longtime creator in film and television, having served as the Assistant Director on movies including SOPHIE’S CHOICE, BREWSTER’S MILLIONS, and MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON, and the acclaimed TV series Law & Order. She also has helped create numerous educational programs and documentaries and has led media development projects around the globe, working for organizations including UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, AWARD, and ILRI.