October 1, 1994
Field and Frame
(David Nelson)

Keif: Look at that, $4 donation. Jesus Christ on a bike, holy Harry and jeez Louise. That was one that we were excited about because there was all of this adulation about Stan Brakhage and being the pioneering figure. We had to give it up for Stan, and there was no question you had to do. This was great to see on 16mm. This is not punk rock cinema necessarily, but this is definitely experimental underground, and so we owed our laurels to a certain extent on this one. And so David, I remember, was excited about it. David would front the money for these things [to rent from Canyon Cinema] and he could lose money on it only so much, It wasn’t always easy.. David would say things like “this show is costing me $250”. How are you supposed to make your money back here? Maybe a bit like going out for a drink. You spend money, you have a good time. We’re going to watch these movies and if we can recoup some of the costs – Great!