April 18, 2000
Guild Cinema / Southwest Film Center
(David Nelson/Keif Henley)

Keif: I think I helped David (or was it Emily?) make this flier. I said “let’s do it like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Style”: let’s put those Xs over that kid’s eyes. I remember just kind of watching, because I was really in awe of David’s  flier making. In fact, I would go with him late at night to Kinko’s and try to get a deal from the clerk that was working there by themselves. 

This was a big one for us. Like Craig’s back for another one!   I remember Craig sticking his head up in the booth of the Guild Cinema saying “louder, louder!”.  We had this guy Luther, helping out with sound. There was a little friction there . Luther was kind of a sound perfectionist with almost a religious quality about it, but he was really good with sound. I think it was shown on one of David’s coveted, beloved, Kodak Pageant projectors up in the booth between the projectors or whatever, slammed in there. There was no 16mm at the Guild at the time. I remember it being pretty well attended. Craig was always great to have down and just had this energy unlike anybody else. He was go, go, go. And so you felt like you were around a mad genius!