A young boy holds up his hands

During his day job as a Spanish criminal interpreter in a small town in California, filmmaker
Rodrigo Reyes (499) met a young man named Sansón, an undocumented Mexican immigrant
who was sentenced to life in prison without parole. With no permission to interview him, Sansón
and Reyes worked together over a decade, using hundreds of letters as inspiration for re-
creations of Sansón’s childhood—featuring members of Sansón’s own family. The result is a
vibrant portrait of a friendship navigating immigration and the depths of the criminal justice
system and pushing the boundaries of cinematic imagination to rescue a young migrant’s story
from oblivion.

Sansón and Me opens at the CCA on Mar 24. Check out what’s now playing and what’s coming soon at your local, independent, nonprofit cinema.

Thursday 30, March