Meditation at CCA

Using Our Mind to Our Advantage
Sundays in the gallery from 10-11:15 am | $10
Presented by Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico

After the roller coaster of the last couple of years, we can probably all use some inner balance and a fresh perspective. We need wisdom and meditation. Good mental health comes from positive states of mind, and meditation has great power to improve our mental health. Buddha’s wisdom helps us see solutions and opportunities that can’t appear to an exhausted, overwhelmed, or stuck mind.

Our mind is ever-changing, but we don’t know how to use its changeable nature to our advantage. We tend to feel like a balloon in the wind, being blown by the various circumstances we encounter — sometimes up, sometimes down. It seems that we have no choice in how we feel, and are powerless to control or transform our emotions. But we do, and we can. Join us each week for a mental tune-up!

Each class includes a teaching and guided meditation. No experience is needed. Everyone is welcome!


Covid-19 Protocols: CCA requires proof of vaccination or recent PCR test. Read more.

Sunday 30, January

Sunday 6, February

Sunday 13, February

Sunday 20, February

Sunday 27, February