Marietta Patricia Leis: Sense Memories

Muñoz Waxman Gallery | Exhibition Closed

Marietta Patricia Leis: Vacuities 1-4
Marietta Patricia Leis, Vacuities 1-4, archival print/metal ea. 20 x 24”

Sense memory is a memory evoked by one or more of the sight, smell, and hearing senses.

Informed by her journeys and imbued with a sense of place, the work of Marietta Patricia Leis is situated in the vortex of light, color, minimalism, and expression. Her reductive technique operates most subliminally in the contemplative nature of her work, which invites the viewer to look deeply and observe the subtleties of materials and medium. 

“[Leis’s process] is a distillation of evanescent impressions, feelings, and details of memories into ostensibly simple objects …”

– Kathleen Shields, Corrales, NM 2021

Her reflections of trees and abstractions found in the natural world, along with her sophisticated use of light and shadow, bring a focused attention to the fleeting and subtle sense of atmosphere and mood. CCA presents Marietta Patricia Leis: Sense Memories in CCA’s Muñoz Waxman Gallery space.

Image: Marietta Patricia Leis, Eclipse 1, Flashe/copper leaf/canvas, 68” x 68” (corner to corner)

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