Often controversial, occasionally fallible, and always quotable, Reverend Al Sharpton has spent a lifetime confronting America’s deafening complacency in the fight against racial injustice–amplifying the ugly truths about the ongoing impact of structural racism on our nation many would prefer to ignore. Sharpton has been a polarizing figure, inspiring both love and hate on local and national stages. Chronicling his work for social change from the streets of 1980s Brooklyn to 2020s Minneapolis, LOUDMOUTH presents never-before-seen footage of the social justice titan on the frontlines, in the media as well as in the corridors of power, to paint an intimate and revealing portrait of a tireless warrior who has never ducked a fight in his mission to transform the status quo.

LOUDMOUTH opens at the CCA on March 17. In the meantime, check out what’s now playing and what’s on the way to your local, nonprofit cinema.

Thursday 23, March