August 8, 1996
Harwood Art Center
(Keif Henley)

Keif: The idea was to get kids represented. It was really loosey-goosey and we’d meet once a week. I would tape the camera shutter down and throw the camera around, kind of like that trick you see in Slacker. It was to just get kids used to the idea of making it as an art form, like painting or drawing or something like that.  I had a very romantic notion that we could get these great kids films, but really it takes time to develop, literally and metaphorically. And so it was a one-off. It was all shooting from the hip, but I hope something good came out of this. This guy Spencer once said to me that even if they can’t articulate it necessarily, it’s good for kids to be around that stuff. It’ll come out in other ways. It’s like second-hand smoke, but in a good way, you know?  Haha!