Saturday, March 29, 1997
Harwood Art Center
(Keif Henley)

Keif: It was an extremely well-attended show. One of the doc’s directors Tony [Anthony Dellaflora] was very, very happy. We did it in the Harwood. There was standing room only. He had to turn away some friends of his. We just flyered and maybe we got some writing on it – this was before social media. UFO sites were still kind of a bit of a curiosity and a rage. Co-sponsored by Americans for Indian Opportunity, that was James [Lujan.] James who’s a teacher at the IAIA.

Bryan: James was teaching at IAIA up in Santa Fe then, and now he’s the director of their film program. This is a great example of us supporting and maybe helping to nurture a slightly alternative film community and New Mexico.