The Cinema Operations Manager will assist the CCA Team in the continued expansion of the Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe (CCA) as a leading cultural institution in Northern New Mexico with local and national impact. While this position works with the overall CCA team, it plays a key role in ensuring smooth operation of all aspects of the cinema in support of CCA’s mission.

This position oversees the operations of CCA’s cinemas, including everyday operations, rentals, special events, and public programming. The ideal candidate has a technical background, strong management skills, a willingness to learn new systems, and a personal alignment with CCA’s mission and organizational culture.

Overall Cinema Management                                                         

  • Execute weekly cinema operations in a timely and dependable manner to ensure smooth management of the cinema inclusive of communication with the film booker, scheduling films in Veezi, building the film playlists for the projectors, receiving and ingesting the DCPs and KDMs, testing all content prior to a film opening, ensuring distributors are paid, and physical DCPs are returned.
  • Maintains and improves department data capture and reporting by updating the weekly operations spreadsheet and producing quarterly department reports that are inclusive of financial, staff, attendance, concession, and film-related categories to ensure progress is measured and tracked against the strategic plan.
  • Work weekly with the Marketing Team to provide advanced notice on upcoming films to assist in the film marketing efforts and to regularly evaluate ticket sales.
  • Monitor and uphold the CCA facility to the CCA standards through active stewardship, updating of procedures, and regular communication with the Facility Manager, janitorial crew, leadership, and direct reports.
  • Provide and uphold department-wide standards of customer service in conjunction with the cinema hosts through regular staff discussions, meetings, and training.
  • Work at least one box office shift per week to constantly improve front desk processes and maintain a connection to the frontline work of CCA. This includes covering box office shifts as needed when cinema hosts call off.
  • Maintains and improves established concessions procedures including regular orders as needed through established concession distributors, improving employee concessions procedures, and through the Veezi system, conduct inventory intake, regular waste reports, and run quarterly inventory counts and evaluations to maintain accurate inventory tracking at all times.
  • Acts as a CCA ambassador to cinema-related partners including the film booker, concession distributors, customers, rentals, programs, cinema vendors, CCA members, donors, and the board to increase the cinema’s visibility and image.
  • Work with the CCA programs team to through regular meetings and event execution to plan and implement cinema programs and rentals as needed.
  • Submit regular invoices, receipts, and weekly box office reports (BORs) by every Monday to the Deputy Director following all CCA fiscal policies and working within approved budgets.
  • Attend weekly meetings with CCA leadership and bi-weekly staff meetings in-person or virtually to update the CCA staff on upcoming films, attendance reports, program evaluations, and cinema department status and needs; and to stay up-to-date on CCA program, development, and exhibition statuses.

Staff Management                                                                            

  • Creates and distributes weekly staff schedules to the cinema staff and CCA leadership at least 1.5 weeks in advance of the first date of the schedule using Monday.com. Special events and programs should be included in the scheduling to ensure all staff is prepared and all events have proper coverage.
  • Upholds a department culture of information sharing through regularly updating and evaluating the training schedules, manuals, and protocols for the Cinema staff following the ADDIE model, including printed materials and training videos when applicable.
  • Acts as a conduit between the leadership and the cinema staff through regular, proactive, open communication to ensure all employees are kept well-informed of CCA’s programs and plans, and that leadership understands the challenges and successes of the cinema. This is inclusive of regular cinema department meetings.
  • Ongoing staff management and task delegation of direct reports through regular check-ins or meetings to ensure daily and weekly tasks are completed, CCA policies and procedures are maintained, and to uphold standards in customer, cleanliness, and quality standards.
  • Conducts twice annual performance reviews of all direct reports using organizational guidelines to endure staff members receive constructive feedback and prioritize developmental goals.
  • Act as a point person for all department HR tasks hiring, firing, time off, staff changes of status, disciplinary action, and more through the BambooHR platform as needed to maintain a culture of transparency, accountability, and respect.

Technical Management and Maintenance                                  

  • Ensure high-quality presentation in both theaters weekly, including cinema digital projection, aspect ratios, monitoring theatrical sound systems, and other cinema operations already listed in this job description, through regular monitoring and staff tech training.
  • Problem-solve tech and operational issues that arise in a timely manner through critical thinking, teamwork, and a proactive solution approach in order to improve processes, assess needs, and keep leadership well-informed.
  • Ensuring proper maintenance of the cinema equipment, inclusive of the projection and sound systems, through execution of regular maintenance schedules and close contact with the contracted tech company Strong.
  • Maintain an organized and proactive tech inventory through advice seeking from our tech partners, creating an inventory catalog of the cinema equipment with Gallery Manager, and making recommendations as needed.

For best alignment with this position, the ideal candidate:

  • Must possess a strong knowledge of basic business operations including comfortable use of the Microsoft Suite, high customer service standards, and previous staff management
  • Must possess knowledge, or the clear ability to learn, the basic operations of a contemporary cinema to conduct film projection.
  • Must possess the skills to problem solve during stressful moments.
  • Must possess the skill of proactive and effective communication in order to keep the CCA leadership well-informed of the cinema status at all times.
  • Must possess the abilities of critical thinking, being organized, and innate strong teamwork.
  • Possesses the characteristics of being kind, dependable, flexible, and professional
  • Has the education of at least a high school diploma or GED.
  • Has all current vaccinations up to date
  • Is able to work evenings and weekends as needed

Equal Opportunity is CCA’s policy, and we therefore strive to select the best-qualified person for each position in the organization.

No employee of the organization will discriminate against an applicant for employment or a fellow employee because of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, AIDS and AIDS-related virus and test results, gender identity, genetic testing results, serious medical condition, or other physical or mental disability. No employee of the organization will discriminate against any applicant or fellow employee because of the person’s military or veteran status or service as a volunteer first responder.

This policy applies to all employment practices and personnel actions including advertising, recruitment, testing, screening, hiring, selection for training, upgrading, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay, and other forms of compensation or overtime.

CCA has adopted an affirmative action policy which essentially means that the organization will aggressively seek out, hire, develop, and promote qualified candidates of protected groups — defined as: racial minorities, women, physically or mentally disabled persons, disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam era, and persons aged 40 years and over.

If you are uncertain as to your status, please contact Human Resources.