March 31, 2000
Harwood Art Center.
(Keif Henley)

Keif: This was the show of Basement Films members work. It was a live cinema show. We utilized a lot of the motion analyzer 16mm projectors that we got for like a couple of bucks back in the times when APS would do a surplus sale, you could actually find 16mm stuff. Those were golden days, but that well is dried up. I got somebody from the audience to come behind the screen and they would mess around with the motion analyzers, so there’s a little bit of audience participation. One of these shows, I took one of those Bell and Howell turquoise projectors that ate up some of our films and I just shoved it right out the window. I did it in front of the audience. So this was expanded cinema before we even used that term. I was really happy that we did this show. I wish we would’ve videoed it.