Following the heartfelt, generous outpouring of support from the Santa Fe community, the CCA board is pleased and grateful to announce the reopening of the CCA Cinema.

CCA will pursue a strategic partner, reopen the CCA cinema and collect donations from the many community pledges offered in the aftermath of CCA’s closing. 

Several entities and groups are presenting plans to partner with CCA, and the board is actively evaluating options and performing the necessary due diligence. The board will meet with, interview, and evaluate the various candidates. 

The board is also pleased to announce that former CCA board member Paul Barnes, the renowned Emmy-nominated film editor, and producer, has volunteered to act as general manager to reopen the CCA Cinema.

CCA has set a tentative date of May 3 for resuming cinema operations. 

Maintaining the CCA cinema as a core component of any future plan is a condition of partnership with CCA. All prospective partners recognize the enormous community concern regarding the shuttered cinema and are committed to keeping CCA’s cinema open.

Donations specifically in support of the CCA Cinema can be made at a special link that CCA has created: All gifts are tax-deductible, and donors will receive an immediate email for tax purposes. Checks payable to CCA can also be mailed to CCA, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505. 

The strategic partners under consideration will represent a new direction for CCA’s gallery space, and the board is excited about the potential for expanded programming at CCA.