CCA Love

CCA Testimontials Web ImageL to R Allison Smith: Source Materiel (installation and detail); Salomé with Al Pacino; Render Bender 2016 Photo credits: Max Neutra and Jane Phillips

Not only has the CCA served as a gathering place for Santa Fe’s audiences of all ages, but they have provided one of the most vibrant contemporary art and independent film venues in Northern New Mexico. As CCA continues their legacy into their 38th year, I would like to acknowledge that they have truly fulfilled their mission to create, maintain and promote a vibrant regional gathering place leaving citizens of northern New Mexico enriched by their dedication to the arts.

Javier Gonzales Mayor 

I like to see what other artists are doing and CCA affords a way to see that. All the films that they bring in are directed by artists. It’s a continuing education program. I see a place of profound education  and a place of exploration of what life is about. 

Julie Tuwalestiwa Artist

CCA serves as a cultural “watering hole” for so many arts enthusiasts of disparate disciplines that would normally not connect or meet. World class continuous film programming combined with the unique contemporary art space creates a synergism and crossroads to celebrate culture that is nowhere else to be found in Santa Fe.  The development of collaborations between artists, patrons, and enthusiasts at CCA is what I find truly exciting at CCA events.

Michael S. Delello Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Department of Cultural Affairs

To me, diversity is the heart, the soul, the genius of our constitutional form of government. CCA’s various offerings and programs reflect a diversity that makes my heart smile. Further, our middle and high school students greatly benefit by CCA’s partnership with Santa Fe schools. This exciting and learning experience enhances our student’s values and enriches their young lives.

Patricio M. Serna Retired Chief Justice

Our partnership with CCA has helped St. John’s bring great works of classic cinema to the Santa Fe community. They have not only provided us with a venue in which to show these films in their original 35mm format, but have allowed us to make these screenings an opportunity for community outreach and education. We have been able to have faculty members from St. John’s attend the films and provide introductions and brief talks to enhance the audience’s viewing experience, putting the films in their broader historical contexts and raising questions to deepen the audience’s encounter with these works of art. 

David Carl Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, St. John’s College

At the CCA , I watched movies that truly changed my life, changed the way I saw the world, and gave me the intellectual and aesthetic nourishment I craved as a young adult in a new place. It was also the place I felt at home and welcome, that I was not just a paying customer, but part of a community of people who felt as I did about film and art--that these things were not commodities but essentials to life itself. 

Mary-Charlotte Domandi KSFR Santa Fe Radio Cafe 

CCA is an organization that is not afraid to take risks, nor represent and collaborate with political artist from diverse backgrounds. CCA takes huge risks and is committed to engaging artists of all ages through the intersections of interdisciplinary arts and critical thinking. 

Adam McKinney Dance Department Chair, NMSA 

The Cinematheque at the CCA has long been known for its exceptional art-house programming and nowhere-else-to-be-seen film series (and makes) big-screen movie viewing a revelation in visual and aural quality as well as content. The parade of independent, foreign, and documentary films presented here is matched by only the most eclectic of art houses. Few, if any, cities of our size can claim such a cinema. 

Bill Kohlhaase Santa Fe New Mexican

I have found that CCA has been a key and responsive partner, providing a venue, staff, outreach and supportive partnership for projects that, without CCA, would struggle to find agency to be realized and cultivate audiences to attend. CCA provides a bridge between the inception and realization of even the most “unrealistic” and interesting projects. 

Chris Jonas Executive Director, Littleglobe, Inc.