G. Sterling Zinsmeyer is a heralded veteran in the fields of film and theatrical production. He locally produced independent film The Deception, which premiered at the 2014 Santa Fe Film Festival. That same year marked the tenth anniversary of his most well-known film, Latter Days, which was later chosen for archiving by the Library of Congress. His current focus is Fellow Travelers, a new opera based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Mallon. The work, a touching gay love story set in the “lavender scare” of the McCarthy Era, was conceived, developed and co-produced by Zinsmeyer. The Cincinnati Opera world premiered Fellow Travelers in June 2016 to rave reviews in the worldwide press, including the New York Times, who lauded it in a piece titled The Best Classical Music of 2016. Fellow Travelers will return to the stage in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC in 2018.