Farms, Films, Food: A Santa Fe Celebration

Wednesday, August 2 // CCA Cinematheque and Tank Garage Galleries // 5-7pm // Free

This free event celebrates Santa Fe’s unrivaled love of great food, local agriculture, and world-class cinema. The food trucks will offer Santa Fe Farmers' Market specials, featuring local ingredients. The featured speaker, Don Bustos, and food demo chef, Chef Michelle Chavez, will both be addressing the importance of heirloom and land race varieties as we work to maintain a vast diversity of food. There will also be a walkthrough with the artist of Tom Joyce: Everything at Hand, the current exhibition in the Tank Garage Galleries.

Schedule of Events:

Tank Garage Galleries: Everything at Hand Exhibition walk-through with artist Tom Joyce

Food trucks (Street Food Institute, Kebab Caravan, and Freezie Fresh)
Axle Contemporary
Ask A Farmer: Victoria Montoya, Montoya Orchards & Wicked Kreations (fruit wines)
Smoothie Bike

Cooking Demonstration with Chef Michelle Chavez (Coriander Catering)

Featured Speaker: Don Bustos, Santa Cruz Farms

Screening of My Neighbor Totoro 

Screening of Food Evolution