The King and The Mockingbird

theKing 550
This wildly satirical Hans Christian Andersen adaptation, which follows a chimney sweep and shepherdess on the run from a tyrannical king, was started in 1947, taken from its creators and finished by the producers in 1953, and then finally completed by the creative team as intended in 1979. A classic of Disney-like proportions in France, it can finally be seen in the U.S. The directors Paul Grimault and Jacques Prevert (whose credits include the masterpieces CHILDREN OF PARADISE) turn their tale into a wondrous journey, suitable for parents and children. Hiyao Miyazaki cites it as the inspiration for starting his Studio Ghibli (and the influence on THE IRON GIANT is very clear!) . (France, 1953/1980, 82m, DCP, Rialto Pictures)