Beverly Erdreich: Continuum

Beverly Erdreich: Continuum // Opens February 9 // Cinematheque Gallery 

Beverly Erdreich’s Continuum series takes an unflinching look at atrocities that have impacted society through incredible acts of brutality. Inspired by Francisco de Goya’s 19th century series Disasters of War, Erdreich draws direct parallels from modern acts of inhumanity to the nightmarish, abject plates of Goya’s etchings. Reproducing and enlarging a selection of Goya’s images, Erdreich then works into each in an additive and subtractive process of drawing, collage, erasure, and text. The images speak to us with an urgency to point out how little the world has changed in the centuries since Goya’s pioneering series of first-hand war reportage.

Image courtesy of Beverly Erdreich