Humor Me


It’s one of the best films of its kind, along with Albert Brooks’ MOTHER and IN HER SHOES, in which a floundering adult gets back on track with help from a senior-age parent (or grandparent). … smart, warm and authentic thanks to Clement’s enjoyably hangdog turn and Hoffman’s wonderfully incisive script.” –Los Angeles Times

A once-acclaimed New York playwright (Jemaine Clement), is struggling to finish his new play when his wife (Maria Dizzia) leaves him, taking their son. Desolate, broke and unable to pay the rent, Nate begrudgingly moves in with his widowed father (Elliott Gould), in his New Jersey retirement golf community who makes a joke of everything … and drives his son crazy. Sam Hoffman’s charming film explores the landscape of family with a sharp eye for the amusing, telling details. (U.S., 2017, 93m, Dada Films)

Starts March 9