Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival

A romantic comedy pulled from real-life, complete with all sorts of ups and downs and pains and pleasures, the kind you probably couldn’t write.” –IndieWire

Combining the deadpan wit of Jim Jarmusch and Ari Kaurismaki with the verite patience and humanity of Frederick Wiseman, Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles follow an unlikely couple, the indomitable, funny and on-the-spectrum Dina with Scott, an open-minded homebody who does his best to overcome his fears of intimacy. As the two prepare f0or their wedding, the normal tensions arise, compounded by the daily struggles of two people who are living month-to-month and have more than a few demons in their pasts. Warm, funny, open-eyed and shot with patience and wit, DINA is a documentary romance for the ages. (U.S., 2017, 103m, The Orchard)

Starts November 10