Faces Places


***** … a self-referential marvel … a near perfect study … It can be funny, it can be melancholy. All that Varda and JR seem to care about is that it is honest.” –The Guardian

The 89-year-old Agnes Varda, a key member of the French New Wave, is our greatest portraitist of people who live on the fringes of society. JR is a wildly popular 30something French street artist specializing in large-scale photographs. Together, they head into the French heartland, making pictures and asking questions of a goat-herder, a waitress, a postman, workers at a factor, creating a delightfully improvisational and whimsical tale of the working class, the power of art and of a growing friendship between two artists separated by five decades, one of whom is contemplating the end of her years. Winner, Best Documentary, Cannes Film Festival. (France, 2017, 89m)

Starts October 27