The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography


"Warm and hugely entertaining...endlessly charming" –The Guardian

Elsa Dorfman’s generosity, openness and deep love for her fellow humans make her a fantastic photographer, and a fitting subject for legendary, Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris (THE THIN BLUE LINE, THE UNKNOWN KNOWN, FOG OF WAR) one of America’s most sophisticated portraitists. In the 70s, Dorfman began making outsized photos with her large-format Polaroid camera—one of only six in existence, capturing counter-culture heroes including Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Gregory Corso, and Robert Creeley. But as the oversized 20x24 Polaroid camera she uses approaches obsolescence (the company went
bankrupt; the film is no longer manufactured) and Elsa’s friends and heroes begin to pass,we are left with her indelible art. (U.S., 2016, 76m)

Starts August 25