Hare Krishna!


A fittingly devotional tribute … there’s no denying that the swami’s original American disciples all seem to possess a palpable inner glow.” –LA Times

In 1965, with America in turmoil, an unassuming 70-year-old Swami arrives in New York from India, carrying only the ancient scriptures he has translated, and his faith in his teacher’s request: “to offer spiritual wisdom to the people of the world!” Soon, he has become a core figure in a generation’s revolution of consciousness, which he believes he can accelerate through the repeated chanting of a 16-word mantra. After George Harrison’s song My Sweet Lord becomes a hit, the Hare Krishnas go mainstream … and are soon accused of being a cult. Directors John and Jean Griesser introduce us the Swami who started it all. (U.S., 2017, 90m)

Starts July 28