Auteurs 2017: A Film Series


Auteurs 2017
May 20 - July 12

The CCA presents a seven-week series, featuring films from cinema’s greatest directors, all screened in best-available format

A celebration of the best of cinema’s past, The Auteurs series has become one of Santa Fe’s most popular film events. Past Auteurs series featured near-sold out shows for films by John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, Jean Cocteau, Errol Morris, Ousmane Sembene, Luchino Visconti, Ingmar Bergman and Jean-Luc Godard.

The 2017 program is the most ambitious yet, with 11 programs, a photo exhibit and live music. The program two silent films with live, original scores from the legendary Austin ensemble The Invincible Czars, and continues the famed Marseilles trilogy by Marcel Pagnol, newly restored prints of Mizoguchi’s UGETSU, Wertmuller’s SEVEN BEAUTIES, Wiseman’s TITICUT FOLLIES and Tarkovsky’s STALKER, a photo exhibit celebrating John Cassavetes, with a rare screening of his masterwork LOVE STREAMS, and a rare screening of works by the Russian animator Yuri Norstein.

The programs will be introduced by film scholars and artists including Paul Barnes, Jason Silverman, Kirk Ellis and Tim Hunter, with others to be announced.

Starts May 20 - July 12

Nosferatu                    May 20        Live, original score performed by Invincible Czars
“A poem of horror, a symphony of dread... it haunts the mind long after it’s over.” –Chicago Tribune
Santa Fe’s favorite silent film ensemble returns to town after their triumphant performances of THE WIND in 2014 and NOSFERATU in 2015. Endlessly creative, these cinema interpreters from Austin again present F.W. Murnau’s creepy and unforgettable film, which helped launch the horror film genre with incredible style and rich visuals.

Live Music Brunch!                May 21
Celebrate classic cinema and the launch of the fourth season of Auteurs with this meal and movie,
hosted by the Cinematheque and CCA Board of Directors.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde            May 21        Live, original score performed by Invincible Czars
“(Invincible Czars) are an inventive rock sound that mixes & matches everything from klezmer to free-form.” –San Antonio Express
John Barrymore plays both the upstanding scientist Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde, the alter-ego he creates to experience the more sinful elements of life, after seeing a sensual dancer perform. What could go wrong?

Marcel Pagnol’s Marseilles Trilogy        May 26-29    NEWLY RESTORED!
French writer-director Marcel Pagnol’s famed and timeless Marseilles trilogy—MARIUS (1931), FANNY (1932), and CÉSAR (1936)—follows the star-crossed romance of a barman’s son with the girl who sells shellfish in front of the bar.
Marius: Marius and Fanny, two young shopkeepers on the harbor front of Marseille, always seemed destined to marry, but Marius cannot overcome his urge to break free and voyage on the open sea.
Fanny: Picking up moments after the end of Marius, this film follows Fanny’s grief after Marius’s departure—and her realization that she’s pregnant.
César: Twenty years have passed: Fanny’s son, Césariot, is in a military academy. When Fanny divulges the secret of his father, Césariot embarks a search for his own identity and for Marius.

Stalker            June 3-4             NEWLY RESTORED!    
“**** … Captures something akin to the essence of what man is made of.” –Slant
Voted one of the top 30 films of all time by the British Film Institute, Andrei Tarkovsky’s mystical, dystopian masterwork follows a guide, a writer and a scientist as they undertake a treacherous journey into a forbidden area known as The Zone, in search of a room that grants wishes.

Photo exhibit: The Cassavetes Project               Opening reception: 5:30-7p Friday, June 9
Highlights from 3,000 behind-the-scenes photos taken by actor Steve Reisch from the theater production of “Three Plays of Love and Hate,” created by John Cassavetes and starring Gena Rowlands, Jon Voight and Peter Falk.

Love Streams            June 9        Followed by discussion of Cassavettes work with Steve Reisch & Kirk Ellis
“The emotional culmination of a brilliant career in film, Cassavetes’s unruly masterpiece is an enigmatic character study and a direct investigation of the nature of love.” –Dennis Lim
Two closely bound, emotionally wounded souls (Cassavetes and Rowlands) reunite after years apart. An exhilarating and risky film that mixes sober realism with surreal flourishes.

Titicut Follies            June 18    Introduced by Paul Barnes
“A a near-masterpiece not just of the documentary form, but of moviemaking in any category.” –Village View
Frederick Wiseman’s game-changing documentary, banned upon its initial release in 1967, offers a graphic, uncompromising portrayal of the conditions at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane at Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
Newly restored 50th anniversary 35mm print.

Ugetsu            June 24-25    NEWLY RESTORED!
“**** … one of the greatest of all films …  elegant and mysterious.” –Roger Ebert
This ghost story like no other offers an exquisite blending of the otherworldly and the real, telling the story of two peasants who are blinded by ambition, including the pursuit of a mysterious Lady Wakasa. Newly restored.

Seven Beauties        July 1-July 2
“**** … absorbing and mysterious … the ultimate black comedy.” –Roger Ebert
Nominated for four Academy Awards® including Best Director, Lina follows a petty thief who confesses his crimes to a fellow army deserter, beginning a series of darkly funny, violent, amoral flashbacks. His blind desire to survive continues even after he is captured by the Nazis.

Pushkin, Animated: Short films by Yuri Norstein               July 9        Presented by Santa Fe Opera 
The reputation of Yuri Norstein— called the “Pushkin of animation”— in Russia equals that of Disney in the U.S. and Miyazaki in Japan. This program includes short films that serve as modern equivalents to Pushkin’s work, including the startling, gorgeous TALE OF TALES, voted the greatest animated film of all time by two different international juries.

Monterey Pop        July 12        NEWLY RESTORED!               
“The perfect, fortuitous match-up between rock & cinema... Purpose, innovation, & exuberance combusted.” –Armond White
On a beautiful June weekend in 1967, at the height of the Summer of Love, the first and only Monterey International Pop Festival captured a decade’s spirit and ushered in a new era of rock and roll. With Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, Simon and Garfunkel, the Mamas and the Papas, the Who, the Byrds, Hugh Masekela, and the extraordinary Ravi Shankar.
D. A. Pennebaker’s classic is newly restored.