Masters and Museums

Masters and Museums
Our Spring 2017 series
May 12-July 2, 2017

This new series reflects the CCA’s ongoing commitment to exploring art history and celebrating the artists, institutions and movements that have shaped the way we see the world. This series includes four new titles from the popular Exhibition on Screen series, two films from the Russian art specialist Margy Kinmonth, and a selection from Checkerboard Film Foundation, which has been documenting American artists for nearly 30 years.

Series passes: $52/$42 for CCA members
Tickets: $10.50 general / $9 seniors & students / $8.50 members / $7.50 members (seniors & students)

Starts May 12 - July 2

Revolution: New Art for a New World        May 12-18
Margy Kinmonth’s bold film brings the Russian Avant-Garde, led by artists including Chagall, Kandinsky and Malevich, to life. Stifled after just 15 years by totalitarian officials, this movement created some of the world’s most visionary and powerful works.

Hermitage Revealed                    May 19-25
With more than 3 million treasures and more curators than any other museum, this essential art institution celebrates its 250th anniversary with unprecedented access to spectacular artworks and compelling human stories.

I, Claude Monet                    May 26 - June 1
Perhaps the world’s favorite artist, Monet painted the picture that launched Impressionism and then kept on working. This gripping tale of a man reveals how, behind his sun-dazzled canvases, Monet suffered from feelings of depression, loneliness,
even suicide, which alternated with humor and love of life. An Exhibition on Screen title.

The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism       June 2-8
Inspired by Renoir and Monet, the American Impressionist movement followed its own path for 40 years; this blockbuster from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts featured works by Cecilia Beaux, William Merritt Chase, Charles C. Curran, Jane Peterson, Philip Leslie Hale, Childe Hassam, Violet Oakley and J. Alden Weir. An Exhibition on Screen title.

The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch           June 9-15
“One of the most important exhibitions of our century.” –The Guardian
After 500 years, Bosch’s paintings still shock and fascinate us. Delve into the vivid imagination of a true visionary, the creator of strange, fantastical paintings that perhaps resonate with 21st-century viewers better than any before them. The film follows the launch of the largest retrospective, held in a museum in his hometown. An Exhibition on Screen title.

Michelangelo: Love and Death            June 16-22
We all recognize Michelangelo’s sculptures and paintings—the towering statue of David, the moving Pietà in the Papal Basilica of St. Peter and his tour-de-force, the Sistine Chapel ceiling—but how much do we really know about the man himself?  This cinematic journey travels from the print and drawing rooms of Europe, through the great chapels and museums of Florence, Rome and the Vatican to explore the long and extraordinary life of Michelangelo, using expert commentary and Michelangelo’s own words. An Exhibition on Screen title.

New Mexico Spotlight
Agnes Martin Before the Grid            June 25        
Directors Katherine Brennan & Jina Brenneman in person
One of the most admired and influential artists of the 20th century, Agnes Martin studied and taught at University of New Mexico, then found acclaim as the rare woman in the male-dominated modern art scene. While living in a one-room house with a dirt floor in Taos, Martin discovered a new mode of expression: the grid. This film revisits those early years, including never-before heard stories.

Checkerboard Celebration                June 23-28
Made possible through the generosity of Rutgers Barclay.
Four films from the Checkerboard Film Foundation, which produces documentaries about visual artists, photographers, poets and architects making unique and important contributions to the American arts.

Program 1: Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments + Brice Marden    
Widely regarded as one of America’s most important abstract artists, Kelly revisits the Paris of his early twenties, uncovering early influences which became leitmotifs that he would return to, reiterate, refine, and re-work for decades to come. Preceded by BRICE MARDEN: shot shortly after Marden’s 1975 exhibition at the Guggenheim.

Program 2: Kiki Smith: Squatting the Palace + Carrie Mae Weems
Kiki Smith, known for her idiosyncratic, boundary-crossing works, prepares for a massive installation in Venice, culminating in a successful opening. In a 2004 documentary, Carrie Mae Weems discusses nearly a quarter century of work, including her photographic projects exploring her family, race, parenthood and the African diaspora.