Auteurs 2017: Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde w/ live music from The Invincible Czars


Live Music Brunch! $50 with film only or $75 including Auteurs series pass

Celebrate classic cinema and the launch of the fourth season of Auteurs with this meal and movie, hosted by the Cinematheque and CCA Board of Directors.

Live, original score performed by Invincible Czars $12 no passes

(The Invincible Czars) are an inventive rock sound that mixes and matches everything from klezmer to free-form." –San Antonio Express

John Barrymore plays both the upstanding scientist Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde, the alter-ego he creates to experience the more sinful elements of life, after seeing a sensual dancer (Nita Naldi) perform. What could go wrong? The underrated Hollywood powerhouse John Robertson works with an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, and the Invincible Czars draw from music by Eric Satie and Claude Debussy to provide a quietly potent score.

10:00p Brunch, 10:30 Film, Sunday May 21

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