The Cassavetes Project, 27 photographs by Steve Reisch

The Center for Contemporary Arts is pleased to announce the presentation of the exhibition The Cassavetes Project, 27 photographs by Steve Reisch, opening on Friday, June 9, 2017 with a public reception 5-7pm in the Cinematheque Lobby. The exhibition is on view June 9 through September 3.

When Steve Reisch first met John Cassavetes in the lobby of the Center Theater in Hollywood the iconic director/writer/actor/producer was in the pre-production phase of his mammoth repertory production of “Love Streams”, Third Day Comes”, and “Knives” and this trio of interconnecting, full length stage productions Cassavetes entitled “Three Plays of Love and Hate.” Upon meeting Cassavetes, Reisch expressed his desire to document this extraordinary production. Reisch also landed a co-star role in one of the three plays. This began the six-month collaboration during which Steve had unlimited access to photograph everyone and everything in connection with this one of a kind, monumental theatrical undertaking.

During the production's six month run, Reisch photographed more than 3,000 behind-the-scenes images. His intimate and revealing portraits capture the cast and crew, including Gena Rowlands, Jon Voight, Peter Falk, Nick Cassavetes, and John himself. Many of the images have not been seen since June 1981, when the production had closed. 

Fast forwarding 36 years, Steve Reisch has been thriving as a photographer in Los Angeles, spanning the gamut from special events, portraiture, corporate and theatrical photography.  His drive and talent has sustained over three decades to create a treasure throve of memorable images and engaging emotions for his clientele.